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  1. Александр7002
    тестирует ADGuard 2.12.140β на Micromax AQ5001 Android 5.0
  2. Rajeevan
    Rajeevan aegis
    Dear Aegis,
    I had been inactive during the past 8 to 10 months due to personal reasons. My beta licence expired during this time. So kindly issue me a new licence. My device is Samsung J7 Prime SM-G610F , Android version 7.0 , Kernel version 3.18.14-13329441 dpi@SWHD2406#1 , Mon Apr 2 13:59:12 KST 2018. Hope you will consider my request.
    with best regards
    Thanking you
    Rajeevan A
  3. Michelle Amen
    Michelle Amen
    I got the filters turned on
  4. Axel Gjessing
    Axel Gjessing
    Yo! Love being part of a community hating ads and malware just as much as me!
  5. Toni Kumpula
    Toni Kumpula vasily_bagirov
    I got invited to AdGuard Beta via TestFlight today and in the email I received 1-year beta license key but I couldn’t find the actual key anywhere.
  6. Kevin S. Day
    Kevin S. Day
    Do you all here NOT want pics in place of an Avatar on our profiles?
  7. FAERO
    Xiaomi redmi note 4 MTK Android 6.0 Версия ядра 3.18.22+
  8. vasya198177
    vasya198177 Magadan
    Автоматически подключается Русский фильтр, а в нём где то зашито разрешение на директ. Когда был отключён, то директа не было.
  9. Oswaltalvarado
  10. Асан70
    Я оплатил абгрейд для андроид и тишина ключ где
  11. Slavka88
    Slavka88 TheHasagi
    1. TheHasagi
      Yes, it's out of list now:)
      May 22, 2018
  12. Mert Çanak
    Mert Çanak
    Merhaba televole...
  13. РусФикс
    Операционная система: Windows 10 Pro x64
  14. Tati
    Добрый вечер! У меня скопилось 2 скана. Как прикрепить их к сообщению? Скрепки не вижу!
  15. erih
    Стараюсь помогать
  16. Chickediva
    Hi to all Since I've upgraded the licence to ''Lifetime'' I'm getting a lot of Spyware, up to 30-50 each day,
  17. Lorne Wolf MacKenzie
    Lorne Wolf MacKenzie
    After finding a userscript for Tampermonkey that involves ad I dare make any comments about what work is being done by whom?
  18. Александр7002
    тестирует ADGuard 2.11.81β на Micromax AQ5001 Android 5.0
  19. Александр7002
    тестирует ADGuard 2.11.80β на Micromax AQ5001 Android 5.0
  20. TheHasagi
    Face the wind!