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  1. RomanSt
  2. realkane
    Hoping to become a Beta Tester for Adguard Windows... ;)
  3. realkane
    Hoping to become Beta Tester for Adguard Windows... ;)
  4. Vitali Dyck
    Vitali Dyck vasily_bagirov
    Может Вы, Василий, поясните: несколько лет на macos Sierre (Mac27") использовал защиту от рекламы Adguard (одновременно она же была и для Android'a (Samsung S2).
    Но вот с Нового года продлил действие лицензии и ..... программа защиты не активируется.
    Что же мне предпринять?
  5. Chrisschoo
    Keeps Turning OFF Im running on app while watching videos in this app a video ad will pop up. Adguard was helping but it keeps turning off
  6. ZiminY
    Win10PROx64, Chrome 63.0.3239.108, DrWeb SecuritySpace 11.0
  7. newadmin
    Сообщение статуса
  8. SuperVF1S
    SuperVF1S vasily_bagirov
    Hello Vasily, my beta key is about to expire, it it possible to renew it please? Also, why doesn't the Adguard forums allow me to use a hotmail email address?
  9. mechaina
    mechaina Chao_Kakao
    Hello friend. could you give me an invitation?
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  10. mechaina
    I will visit you
  11. Martin Persson
  12. Александр7002
    тестирует ADGuard 2.10.176β на Micromax AQ5001 Android 5.0
  13. vitalkanev
    Well... Good
  14. Александр7002
    тестирует ADGuard 2.10.175β на Micromax AQ5001 Android 5.0
  15. Masy
    Как мне можно восстановить купленный антивирусник?подскажите пожалуйста.
  16. Dale Rumball
  17. Javier Puentes
    Javier Puentes avatar
    Please resend the code for the upgrade
    I purchased one for this Android for $9,00 My email is
  18. FOR
  19. Scryptic
    Scryptic kantry123
    I'm a newb like you and need help with a technical problem
  20. Scryptic
    Accidentally blocked an ad manually using "Block ads on this website" feature, how do I unblock it?
    1. Blaz
      Remove the rule in user filter.
      Nov 15, 2017