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    Harmony OS

    Да, но не в ближайшее время, так как аудитория данной ос пока слишком мала.
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    Ручная блокировка рекламы

    На андроид не предусмотрена точечная блокировка рекламы. В основном, фильтры блокировки рекламы справляются с устранением рекламы самостоятельно, но вы можете использовать пользовательские правила или блокировать рекламу определённых ресурсов, если фильтров оказывается недостаточно. Можно также...
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    Harmony OS

    Здравствуйте. Есть вероятность, что приложение не будет работать корректно, так как оно разрабатывалось именно для Android.
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    Use custom DNS in browser exntension

    Hello. For now you can only choose from the list given in extension settings. But you can send us a 'Feature Request' via Support -> Leave feedback. Our developers will take a look at your suggestion.
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    AdguardVPN default DNS settings

    Hello. DNS server selection in AdGuard VPN is not available while using "Integration" mode with AdGuard app.
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    The Datacamp Limited

    The thing is that our dns are recursive so it's shown as another dns while testing. You can read about it here. It's hard to say why it is termed as fraudulent. That's a question to those who detect it that way.
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    adguard no longer blocks apps

    Perhaps the issue might appear due to some custom filters or particular app settings. Could you name all filters you use? Also make sure DNS filtering is on.
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    [Bug] Adguard Tracking Filter in Android Prevents Posting for ``

    Hello. To investigate this issue we'll need you to send a report to our support team via AdGuard app. So please do the following: Open AdGuard settings -> Support -> Send Feedback -> Incorrect blocking. After you've filled in the form, an issue on GitHub will be created automatically. There...
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    The Datacamp Limited

    Hello. Could you add more details to your question? It's not quite understandable what you mean.
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    adguard no longer blocks apps

    Hello. Could you specify the version of AdGuard you use and any app ads appeared in?
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    How block google ads !

    Hello. Normally such notification is shown just once, but maybe it depends on chosen settings of your browser. We suggest managing cookies in Settings - Cookies and Site Permissions. Perhaps you can give more details on where and how this notification is shown?
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    Proxies do not work on rooted devices

    Well, that's strange. Could you specify what particular rules aren't applied and what kind of ads are present?
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    Proxies do not work on rooted devices

    Hello. We've contacted you via email regard to this issue. Please let us know the results after you try the new build.
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    Futbin app

    Hello. The issue wasn't reproduced on our side. Check the filters' updates and make sure filtration is on for this application. Also try to clear Futbin cache.
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    Автообновление фильтров

    Здравствуйте! Время на некоторых фильтрах может не меняться несколько часов, так как обновление фильтров происходит, в первую очередь, у нас на сервере, где нет установленного интервала обновлений. Однако в следующих версиях планируется улучшение работы обновлений.