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    [Resolved] adblock detected

    The problem with this website is that when we fix it, they every time update their anti-adblock script after a while. Please try to add these rules to user filter...
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    fantasyfootballgeek adblock detect

    Okay, I'm glad that it works fine with latest Chrome version. Thank you for your reply.
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    fantasyfootballgeek adblock detect

    By the way, if you disable all filter lists and all user rules and add only this rule:,"Test"); then you see an alert box on these two websites?
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    fantasyfootballgeek adblock detect

    I have Android 10 as well and it works fine on my end.
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    fantasyfootballgeek adblock detect

    Okay, I added it, update should be available in 1-2 hours. I'm not sure, but I guess that it may be similar issue as here -, but I can't reproduce it with Chrome latest stable version (86). Can you update Chrome to the latest version?
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    fantasyfootballgeek adblock detect

    Okay, could you please check this rule (and remove the previous rule):$$script[tag-content="ai_front"][min-length="60000"][max-length="90000"] By the way, do you see an alert box if you add this rule to user rules:"Test");
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    fantasyfootballgeek adblock detect

    Could you please add below rule to User rules and check if website is blank? Rule: It's just for test purpose.
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    fantasyfootballgeek adblock detect

    Okay, so as I understand, it works fine on one device, but on the second (with the same settings and the same web browser) it doesn't. Does it work if you change filtering method from Proxy to "Local VPN"?
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    fantasyfootballgeek adblock detect

    Anti-adblock has been fixed few days ago - and I can't reproduce it on Android and Windows. Did you update filters? Regarding other issues, if problem is not related to filters then I think that it...
  10. Adam New ADs

    uBlock Origin can interfere with AdGuard, so could you please check it with uBlock Origin disabled? There was a similar problem where Brave Shield (if I'm not wrong Brave Shield is basing on uBlock Origin or using uBlock Origin filters) was causing that ads wasn't blocked -...
  11. Adam adblock.detect

    This anti-adblock is caused by blocking "". Added rule to Annoyances filter, update should be available in 1-2 hours. Thank you for checking it.
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    New ADS system on youtube?

    I can't reproduce ads on YouTube. You can try these rules:,'set-constant', 'playerResponse.adPlacements', 'undefined'),'set-constant', 'ytInitialPlayerResponse.adPlacements', 'undefined') but I don't...
  13. Adam adblock.detect

    I can't reproduce it, but I guess that it's similar issue as here - So this rule should help:"abort-current-inline-script", "atob", "googlefc") Do you use any filter list which is...
  14. Adam adblock detect

    If first rule works fine, then you don't need to check other rules. I will add this rule to annoyances filter, update should be available in 1-2 hours. Thank you for checking it.
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    Thank you. Could you please check one of these rules:, 'atob'); or"prevent-addEventListener", "/load|error/", ".head.removeChild(") or"prevent-setTimeout"...