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    Setting up SSL for AGH running in VM

    @abishur hi! it's better to ask here
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    Проблема на

    Эээ, месяц назад кириллические домены тоже не парсились
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    Why are Setapp customers being left out of the 2.5 update?

    Last Friday's nightly doesn't address the mentioned criticals in Safari filtering: Anyway, as I said, Setapp doesn't allow anything but stable releases. You can go ahead and use our standalone version before the Setapp update lands...
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    Why are Setapp customers being left out of the 2.5 update?

    We actually don't have it yet. Also, Setapp policy only allows stable releases, we can't upload neither beta nor nightly.
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    Why are Setapp customers being left out of the 2.5 update?

    @Mikeybob Hello! Of course not, Setapp customers are just as important to us as all the others. And I mean very important. AdGuard for macOS v2.5 release build was uploaded to Setapp and successfully passed the system's inner review. We just haven't published it. The thing is, new Big Sur betas...
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    Adguard beta tester with Setapp

    @Smexhy In macOs version (unlike Win and Android) update channel cannot be changed from release to beta/nightly, they are completely separate at the moment. You can download any build from our website: Stable: Beta: Nightly...
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    iOS 14 Public Beta 3 AdGuard Pro No Internet

    So it's fine without Adguard DNS?
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    iOS AG Pro - Red square

    It means "ads"
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    adguard home linux and dhcp server

    @skal Hello! Unfortunately, this feature doesn't work in all circumstances. I'd say it is exactly because it runs on the same server, it will be better to discuss it on GitHub
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    Linux Question for AdGuard Home for Linux (Sorry no separate area)

    @AndrewW_AGH Hello! Not possible at the moment, it's all or one. It's actually better to discuss AdGuard Home on GitHub :)
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    Предложения для AdGuard 7.4

    Ну какие-то они мутноватые все-таки немного, да :)
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    Предложения для AdGuard 7.4

    ух, спасибо, передал куда следует :) завели баг
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    AdGuard для iOS - 4.0.1

    у вас про, весь премиум функционал разблокирован и докупать ничего не надо мы ее только что запаблишили, пока не запостили новости)
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    New AdGuard Pro iOS Status

    There is none! We just can't abandon Pro version because many people have already bought it through App Store before.
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    New AdGuard Pro iOS Status

    Yep, correct. No additional purchases for anyone who has already made a purchase through App Store :)