Windows 8.1 Pro (x64)

Main Windows Browser: Google Chrome Portable 83.0.4103.116 (x64)

Backup Windows Browser: Mozilla
Firefox Quantum Portable 77.0.1 (x64)
Android Browser: Opera 58.2.2878.53403

Adguard for Windows Adguard 7.5 Nightly 4
└ Stealth Mode: Disabled
└ Parental Control: Disabled
└ Browsing Security: Enabled
└ [AdGuard Base filter, AdGuard Tracking Protection filter, AdGuard Annoyances filter, NoCoin Filter List]

Adguard for Android 3.5 Nightly 3 (17)
└ Android 9.0
└ High quality filtering method: Enabled
└ Block ads in all apps: Enabled
└ Stealth Mode: Disabled
└ Help us with browsing security development: Disabled
└ Extensions: Enabled
└ Disable AMP: Enabled
└ Adguard Extra: Enabled
└ HTTPS Filtering: Enabled
Filter websites with an Extended Validation (EV) Certificate: Enabled
└ Filter Blacklist only: Disabled
└ Proxy setting: Disabled

└ Filtering Mode: Local VPN
└ DNS Filters: Disabled
└ [AdGuard Base filter, AdGuard Mobile Ads filter, EasyList, AdGuard Tracking Protection filter, NoCoin Filter, AdGuard Annoyances filter, AdGuard Simplified domain names filter]




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