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    AdBlock detection Think! Estas usando un bloqueador de publicidad, necesitamos la publicidad para poder seguir funcionando y ofreciendo el contenido que usamos publicidad intrusiva ni ventanas emergentes...!!! POR FAVOR, DESACTIVA EL BLOQUEADOR DE...
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    I cannot download too from thist host : adblock detection (second page) !
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    [Resolved] > div.didomi-notice__interior-border.didomi-border L'Équipe utilise des cookies et autres moyens techniques afin de mieux vous connaître. Cela permet d'adapter la publicité et les produits à vos préférences. Vous pouvez choisir par qui (politique de confidentialité)...
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    Thank you those rules without [style} are working better but sometimes I'm having a popup for a VPN service.
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    Same annoyance for me with AdGuard for Windows despite those rules.
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    Those rules aren't working. Try to download a torrent to get it. > div.tcc_mb:last-child > div:last-child
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    [*] google consent annoyances
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    [*] google consent annoyances

    here too !
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    [*] annoying VPN popup without a close button : > div.tcc_mb:last-child > div:last-child the same thing is happening at all mirrors :
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    AdGuard bug: almost everytime "wrong captcha"
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    AdGuard bug: always "wrong captcha"
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    Please add same rules for Maybe the empty file is only a bug
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    Exactly this is happening with or With those rules it's better but I need to pass 3 countdowns at and there is no more annoying popups and unfortunately received file at the end it always empty : 0 bytes It this normal to have 3 countdown before getting the...
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    I've updated my signature.
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    There is a bug it's auto-closing after the countdown ! I'm not redirected to