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    Separating Actions Firstparty App etc.

    `,` is a devider in cosmetic/js rules for domains, `|` - in url rules in domain modifier `,` is a devider for modifiers in url rules
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    Block trafik for undefined clients

    It is possible
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    filter to add to (not remove from) the querystring?

    AdGuard "can" do it, but it is not implemented. You can open feature request on GithHub
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    How to unblock certain websites from Adguard DNS at router level?

    You can try our private DNS
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    Change the "viewport" meta tag

    AdGuard app can do it using $replace rules.
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    filter to add to (not remove from) the querystring?

    Hi $removeparam=facet
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    Как бороться с провайдерским mitm'ом http с помощью adguard'a ?

    Не используйте http и всё) Сейчас даже фишинговые сайты используют HTTPS.
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    Блокировка вложенных div

    Покажите на скринште, что хотите заблокировать.
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    Can anyone translate this "RemoveShorts" UblockO Filter into AG syntax

    This rule should work with AdGuard. But I can't reproduce that element after closing it.
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    Unblocking ZEN Cashback

    @NIGHTZNERO Hi. The most of cash-back services cannot work with ad blockers. This is literally impossible to fix them(a lot of analytics used for that, and the list of used services is not constant). Just disable ad blocking during order process.
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    Unblocking ZEN Cashback

    No, too wide.