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    AdGuard autostart

    None of them (no antimalware or alternative VPN/Proxy), and AdGuard was left out of the system battery optimization. However, it appears that after manually updating the filters (using the upper-right icon in the app), the app fails to restart itself when the phone is rebooted. This is the...
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    [Self Help Updated] How To Protect And/Or Sanitize Your Device Before/After Security Breach/Hack

    MB has slowed significantly in my experience. The antimalware industry was primarily focused on signature-based detection around 2015. However, as the malware industry evolved, for example, by developing different approaches to encrypt files in ransomware attacks to avoid file flagging, the...
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    Adguard with Antivirus?

    Exactly, if AG's certificates was never used, HTTPS cannot be filtered. It's an issue with antivirus/antimalware software that use "scan HTTPS" or "scan SSL" functions, which can conflict with AG for Windows.
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    Does Adguard for Safari have malware protection

    That filter was discovered under Filters - > Others, and it was marked as #problematic (why?) in Safari and Chrome browser extensions. As a result, I don't believe I'll need to apply a custom filter to make it work. I'm curious about the nature of the Chrome extension's Malware & Phishing...
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    Request enhanced anti-trap features of websites

    Several sites currently use a variety of trap to combat anti-adware software such as AdGuard, and when you download that website, it compels you to disable anti-adware software such as AdGuard in order to download programmes or games. I wish AdGuard included a capability to stop those sites'...