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    [-] [NSFW]

    if i go to i can not see the previews (Pictures). I have Adguard Premium and the english and german filters are activated. Without Adguard i can see the prviews. I think 1 adgurad filter ist to much. If i go with ublock origin and easy List + easy list german i can see...
  2. A Spam in the Top (Banner) an at the right side (Banner)
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    [Resolved] [NSFW] Banner in the top.
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    [-] [NSFW] Spam at the right side and at the left side.
  5. A (NSFW) big Banner at top in the site
  6. A in the top and right side
  7. A (NSFW)
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    Adguard DNS (beta) many Spam at [NSFW] and at

    many Spam at and at if i use Adguard DNS (beta). Please see not the attached file. I can not delete it.
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    I think you can block analytics.
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    Thank you, Blaz. Now it is ok !
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    at are many ads with adguard premium and german and english filter. I have also a warning message that i use an adblocker