OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 release build 20H2 with AG Windows 7.6, AdGuard Home v0.105.2 for DNS and AG VPN 0.9.18
Browser: Edge Dev (Chromium), Edge and Internet Explorer 11 (Chrome for checking)
AV/Firewall: Windows Defender and Windows Firewall (yep, have not had a single problem using out of the box anti-malware back in Windows 8.1)
Mobile: Samsung Galaxy S10+ (SM-G975F) w/Android 10.0 (not rooted), AG 3.5.1, AG VPN 1.0.155
Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (SM-T813) w/Android 9.0 (not rooted), AG 3.5.1, AG VPN 1.0.155

AG Base, AG Mobile Ads (Android), AG Spyware, AG Annoyances, Adblock Warning Removal List, Malware Domains, Spam404
Enabled, Hide Search Queries, Send Do-Not-Track header, Remove X-Client-Data header, Strip tracking parameters from URLs, Self-destructing 3rd party cookies, Disable cache for 3rd party requests, Block WebRTC, Hide Referrer from 3rd parties, Hide IP Address
Automatically filter app traffic, Use WFP network driver, Filter HTTPS


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