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    How do I use Adguard VPN?

    OK, I feel like a doofus. Somehow, I have an Adguard VPN subscription but I do not have the program nor the browser extension. Looking around Adguard's site I see: AdGuard VPN is now available: as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox and as a mobile app for Android I use Edge and...
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    How do I use Adguard VPN?

    I don't use it. Just wondering how.
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    How do I use Adguard VPN?

    I have a subscription (that I am paying for) but have no idea what to do with it! Are there step-by-step instructions somewhere? I am using Edge on Windows 11.
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    Using two different browsers (Chrome, Firefox)

    My normal browser is Chrome but I sometimes use Firefox if I am having trouble with a website when using Chrome. (This is pretty rare anymore.) I found that there is an extension for Firefox and installed it but it doesn't seem to be attached to or aware of my license. The desktop app shows...