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    [AdGuard for Mac] Beta version 1.1.1

    When updating from 1.1.0 even with beta key, it shows that 1.1.0 is the newest version active. Had to download beta version.
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    OSX El Captain Compatibility

    Well, just question the above. Has anybody already tested OS X El Captain and see that Adguard works?
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    Ads when using Chrome, adguard assistant disappearing.

    Here is a video I made of Adguard for Mac, ads and adguard assistant not showing when they are turned on. Note: The video may be still processing.
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    AdGuard for iOS.

    Yes I think so unless Apple changes their policy (Highly Unlikely)
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    Early Access: AdGuard 6.0 Alpha Version

    Downloaded and working well. However, yesterday when I booted up my machine Adguard stopped connecting and to report it, which I did. The next day it worked fine again. :confused: Also sometimes Adguard still hangs when trying to update filters but otherwise it is fine :) Oh, and the...
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    [WIN] imgur pages take much longer to load with adguard enabled

    Hmm I tested with just English filter and it takes the same amount of time to load the page.
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    AdGuard for iOS.

    It's happened before. Keep in mind that more malware would exist for iOS if any app could run with elevated permissions. For example somebody could make an app that could root deeply into you system while destroying system files. As for Boo Berry ad blockers do exist with VPN such as WeBlock...
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    AdGuard for iOS.

    if they do work it it will not/never have the features that the mac version has due to restrictions on the app store. It will not filter HTTPS for example because it will have to use a VPN not the enter-code-and-take-it-out method on the mac versions.
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    adguard looks really dodgy

    Ok I will ask the admins/devs via PM. (I am not an adguard fanboy, just as confused as you are :))
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    adguard looks really dodgy

    Oops sorry put on wrong screen shot. Now is not on connection. Maybe avatar is fixing it? ---------- Post added at 12:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:31 PM ---------- Ok... tried euro and it's the same. Tried USD and it's the same. (On both sites plimus and adguard)...
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    adguard looks really dodgy

    The price is the same from to plimus...
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    adguard looks really dodgy

    The website is plimus, which is a reputable site. If AdGuard blocks phishing sites then why will it allow a phishing site to buy licenses? plimus is a vendor site which allows any company without their own transaction system to use theirs. Some rogue antiviruses have use plimus which gives it...
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    Report Ad:

    Sorry here was the problem: Sophos For Mac detected something from Adguard (I think) as Mal/Badsrc A I quarantined it and the assistant disappeared from the screen, ads were displaying. I...
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    Report Ad:

    On this website:
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    Integration Mode not working in AdGuard for Safari.

    Thanks and that really stinks :( A question why does Adguard Extension still count up the ads blocked when Adguard for Mac blocks 'em all? Tried loading it with just Adguard for Mac and blocked all of them. So where did those 8 come from? Trackers?