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    AdGuard Pro Sync- iOS / Mac

    By that logic a product once released would NEVER have any changes, new features or updates - as everything would stall everything else. Your situation would never stabilise and you would thus never progress anything. If it had been a few months or a year then okay fine, that would be an excuse...
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    AdGuard Pro Sync- iOS / Mac

    Any update? It has been open since 2016, most other products can manage some form of sync! I understand it is complex, but you have been saying that since 2016. You say it will be implemented in all products, that's great, will it be this year, this decade, this century? In 2016 you were...
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    Possible filter/settings sync?

    Agreed it isn't easy, but this is the excuse you have been giving since 2016, surely something could have been implemented by now!! Unless it is supposed to work and mine is broken in which case - help?