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    Adguard dns issue

    That’s what imean about issue honstely adguard dns is best since norton connectsafe closed/discounted if adguard team care about this type of issues like improving ping of online games and check broken pages or website not loading adguard dns will be faster than any other dns overall great dns...
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    Adguard dns issue doesn’t shows list of dns provider didn’t load it using adguard dns also I added adguard dns family it shows iuse adguard default hope both issues get fixed still waiting for answer thanks
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    Are we still protected?

    Cool trust me if adguard offer dns over proxy like cloudflare and improve their service it will be one of greatest dns of course it has issues but soon it will be better than norton connectsafe (since it’s discounted )
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    Just a quick question

    Bummer !
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    Are we still protected?

    Well according to my exprience adguard team are very friendly iagree with you their dns service needs to be improved if adguard team and we ( customers ) helped each other will make it best
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    Just a quick question

    does adguard had NTP ( network time protocol ) like google and netgear and also do adguard had ip adress not dns like cloudflare and google I’m asking because Itried most dns services found adguard was great solution but waiting for answer from adguard team because it will helps a lot later :)...
  7. C unreachable on adguard dns

    Update: the issue has been fixed you guys are rock now I’m hopping adguard team improve dns and try to lower ping have a great day ! Between adguard dns and google dns can access unlike other dns
  8. C unreachable on adguard dns

    Itried it again it works fine with google dns it is okay it’s not big deal just my friends notice this issue they were hopping adguard team fix it on their side
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    Suggestion for adguard dns

    Ihope tor browsers and tor port (if there is port for it ) get blocked on adguard dns/server second thing which Ihope it happens is adguard team do bypass hijack of isp/proxy server on adguard dns have a great day !
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    Are we still protected?

    What you said happened to me before is isp changed my dns and get hacked tons of times but as isaid there is way can adguard do which I really hope is they do proxy bypass hijack of isp and of course adguard or any other company like google or Apple can’t do anything to that but at least they...
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    Are we still protected?

    That’s true but as isaid nothing is safe one hundred percent in the internet that’s why people like me prefer filter dns /safe dns blocks dangerous websites and adult ones and had great performances
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    Are we still protected?

    Isee. But Ihope adguard team up to date daily adguard dns to avoid this issue again means less bug more highter security because I really hope to avoid adguard dns down like norton connect safe
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    Are we still protected?

    According to your question nothing is safe 100 percent also Ihope adguard team Improve ping on their adguard dns servers because ikeep discounting
  14. C unreachable on adguard dns

    It doesn’t work on adguard dns works fine with google dns it’s website for online gaming
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    another AdGuard DNS issue

    Exactly that’s what imean ! Hope there is a fix for it because it’s annoying