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    Slow Internet Speeds With Adguard Enabbled

    I've noticed a good number. From being unable to scroll, rendering errors or just flat out busted when Adguard is enabled. I went to fat as to factory reset but that was probably pointless since it happens on my wife's phones too. That's also with just the Adguard base filter enabled and...
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    Slow Internet Speeds With Adguard Enabbled

    Indeed. I've been waiting patiently. Hopefully it also fixes the broken website issues.. of which there are tons.
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    Slow Internet Speeds With Adguard Enabbled

    Ok I lied. I have massive speed loss but only on mobile (wifi6e). Average 700Mbps with Adguard disabled and about 40Mbps with it enabled. That's even with ALL settings disabled except the Adguard base filter. Android 12, z Flip3.
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    Difference between AdGuard and DuckDuckGo?

    You must be using the version on the play store. The ful version of Adguard (from the website) has so many features it's crazy. It's so good I bought 3 lifetime license's for mobile and 1 for desktop. Works way better than any extension ever could.
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    700Mbps loss in speed with Adguard enabled

    Gonna post 2 images of speed tests. One with Adguard disabled and one with it enabled. Results are consistent across 30 runs.. First I was running the latest nightly, then downgraded to latest beta. Everything was fine until the latest nightly. Tested in chrome & edge on Android 11...
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    AdGuard autostart

    It was a bug. Go to update settings and change it from stable or beta to nightly. Let it update, when it's installed open it and change the update setting back to beta or release. Reboot to test, it should work fine now. Don't worry about the notification.
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    DNS Discovery

    Test on a PC or with a ping app
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    Difference between AdGuard and DuckDuckGo?

    Kinda hard to say since I've never heard of it and I follow this stuff pretty closely. I'd imagine Adguard is the better option due to the years of constant development. Plus I doubt DDG will fix issues and filter problems anywhere near as quickly
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    Android battery saver kills adguard..

    I can tell you that at least part of the problems you are having is because of the way Android works and the way an app can interact with another. Like if you change a setting in Adguard and then the VPN disconnects but doesn't reconnect is because the Adguard app isn't allowed to re-enable it...
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    Android battery saver kills adguard..

    I'm a 2 year Nord user myself. They are alright. Good speeds and lots of servers but their content function, the one that allows you to watch different regions Netflix and stuff can be very unreliable. I only used the Adguard VPN a couple times to check it out. It's nice to be able to use...
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    Apps where AdGuard for Android can't filter and/or remove the ads from!

    Knox is terrible and you could still setup a secure cloud folder that acts like it's local. The real issue with them now is if you unlock the bootloader they disable your camera FOREVER. You don't have to try to root or install recovery or ANYTHING. Just unlocking the bootloader screws the...
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    Android battery saver kills adguard..

    Anytime. Allot of us come here for help and to help, it's a good community and the official Adguard team is fantastic. I had some truly crazy issue a couple years ago and eventually I ended up talking to the lead developer and he sent me custom builds of the Android app to try and fix the...
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    Never stay logged into sites

    I'm having an issue with 1st party cookies (I assume). Every time i visit a site in any browser I usually have to login again even if I check keep me logged in. A couple hours later I'll go to the site and need to login yet again. I can't figure out why, I've checked my Adguard settings and...
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    Android battery saver kills adguard..

    Yes well I've heard many people say they have disabled EVERYTHING that Samsung adds to androids general battery management but then it turns out they missed stuff. Often a couple things. So I HIGHLY suggest you check the guide again.... What can it possibly hurt to double check your settings...
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    Filter all domains with wildcard?

    So i want to block EVERYTHING that could come from tencent. All domains, 3rd party requests either from tencent or another app or site requesting data from tencent. I've read the creating filter rules a couple times and I know I can do it using all sorts of symbols and things but why can't I...