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    DNS blacklist - is there any available?

    Thank you for your quick reply. I have some more questions. 1. If I have an ad-blocking subscription active under Privacy menu, like AdGuard SDN, do I have to enable a custom DNS (like AdGuard DNS) or is it redundant? 2. At first I didn't understand how Firefox for iOS was blocking ads even...
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    DNS blacklist - is there any available?

    I realize that choosing AdGuard own DNS is the easiest way to set an adblocking mechanism system-wide. However, I'd like to keep using my ISP DNS, so a DNS blacklist looks like a reasonable option. Is there any list with ads hosts (like EasyList) that's compatible with AdGuard Pro DNS...
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    App and adguard DNS question

    You can only add Adguard DNS to wifi connection. By using Adguard Pro and its fake VPN mechanism, you can also add the custom DNS to cellular data traffic. So, Adguard Pro for iOS is basically the option to set custom DNS for cellular data and to configure blacklists with simplified domain name...
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    Apple Cracking Down on VPN-Based Ad Blockers That Work in Third-Party Apps - What will AdGuard do ?

    So, being able to put custom DNS on cellular data is the only PRO feature now?
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    Tapatalk ads not blocked

    I've just installed AdGuard Pro and noticed that it's not blocking ads in Tapatalk app. Other apps have their ads correctly blocked (like Safari with AdGuard content blocker, websites open with Facebook built-in browser etc.), but Tapatalk still shows ads everywhere.
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    AdGuard Pro - not working in Facebook app web browser

    Ok. So, by blocking ad networks, will Adguard Pro block video and static ads in Facebook built-in browser?
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    AdGuard Pro - not working in Facebook app web browser

    What do you mean with "as networks" still being blocked? I know Adguard Pro doesn't block ads in Facebook app timeline, but how about links opened in its (shitty) built-in browser? And what would those "cosmetic rules" be?