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    Siri Shortcut to enable/disable AdGuard?

    Has anyone seen a Siri Shortcut for AdGuard? I would love to be able to say, “Hey Siri, AdGuard On/Off”
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    [-] NSFW - - doesn't allow the AdGuard Assistant to load

    This site doesn't allow the AdGuard Assistant to even load on the page. The site loads this .js: <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script> Which is a script called NeverBlock for a company called ExAds.
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    AdGuard for Mac v1.5.3

    Great, thank you! I wonder why nothing is posting in the app or anywhere else?...
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    AdGuard for Mac v1.5.3

    What changed in the latest update to 438?
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    AdGuard 4.1 ROCKS!!!

    The new ability to block site elements is AWESOME!!!! I also love the dark mode coloring and the ability to change to different DNS within the app! The sad thing is, I just purchased DNS Override in order to change my DNS between AdGuard DNS and OpenDNS quicker and now I can do it all from...
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    AdGuard Pro Sync- iOS / Mac

    That sounds like a WIN!!
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    AdGuard Pro Sync- iOS / Mac

    @Boo Berry, I bumped to show interest in iCloud sync. Also, it doesn't really make sense to me that a sync feature will be added for Win/Mac and then later iOS/Android. This seems like something that would NOT be iCloud sync but something custom?
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    Adguard Mac app doesn't block as much as browser addon

    I've made the switch to duckduckgo browser extensions along with AdGuard and it's amazing! Plus, the duckduckgo extension will show you exactly what things have been blocked. Here's a few screenshots: 1. With duckduckgo extension 2. Details of what the extension is blocking (you can scroll to...
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    High Ram Usage

    AdGuard seems to be using more and more ram. Currently it's at 262mb of ram. Any way to reduce ram usage?
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    Can the on-screen icon be moved to the bottom-left side?

    Haha, never saw that! Perfect and thank you!
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    Can the on-screen icon be moved to the bottom-left side?

    I love the convenience of the on-screen icon, however, when I used certain websites, especially, Google Maps, the street level "orange man" is covered by the AdGuard icon. I would love to see the ability to change the icon to any of the 4-corners of the screen in Preferences. Thanks!