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    App and adguard DNS question

    Correct. Here is a screenshot for instance. It stops working. I toggle it off in the app to have no vpn and turn off the DNS and reload the page and it loads just fine. It does this a lot. It affects me getting my mail, different websites and apps.
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    App and adguard DNS question

    Gotcha. So I have been using the DNS now for about a day and a half. So far it works like 60% of the time. The DNS itself has very high downtime it seems. Any fix to this?
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    App and adguard DNS question

    if I can add the adguard DNS to my iPhone. Would there be any point of having the app now since it was updated or?
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    iOS 11 Beta

    Just giving you a heads up. Adguard Pro does not work with iOS 11 beta.
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    VPN Logo removal

    is there anyway to get rid of this logo on iPhone when using this app? Super annoying. The ad block from future mind uses a type of VPN and doesn't have the logo showing.