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    Mac Adguard nightly Crashes on Amazon Order Page

    Adguard says it has crashed and prevents the page from loading but it seems that Adguard is still running when I check. But, I do get the crash report. See answers to your questions in the quoted text. Today I was able to view my order history page but AG crashed when I tried to open my Amazon...
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    Mac Adguard nightly Crashes on Amazon Order Page nightly crashes consistently when trying to open my Amazon order history page. Mac BigSur 11.5.1
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    Crash Trying to Add to Whitelist

    Adguard crashes every time I try to type an entry into the whitelist. I can click the add button but as soon as I type the first letter it crashes Application version nightly (CL-1.7.211)
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    Startup Error

    Every time I start my Mac I get an error message. "Adguard won't work correctly! Some Adguard services were not started correctly. Please contact the support team." When I open Adguard I find it disabled and I have to manually enable it. As far as I can tell, it works fine after that. This has...
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    Unable to Disable AG by Site

    If I toggle the "Disabled on this Site" button it will appear to work. But, if I open the AG Assistant dialog again I see that the button is not enabled again. This could be related to the general dialog issues described in this post...
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    Adguard Will Not Run After Pausing

    Another thing not mentioned is that the Pause for 30 Seconds option is always greyed out.
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    Adguard Will Not Run After Pausing

    It appears that the Assistant dialog does not reflect the true state of the app. Extremely confusing. See screen recording here:
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    Adguard Will Not Run After Pausing

    No, I'm talking about selecting "Pause Adguard" at the bottom of the assistant dialog. when I select that the dialog will initially say Adguard Is Not Running and then after a few seconds will change to "Adguard Protection is Paused" with an Enable button below that. When I select Enable I get...
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    Adguard Will Not Run After Pausing

    When I pause Adguard in Safari using the assistant, I am usually unable to get Adguard working again. When I press the button to pause it will then report that Adguard is not running. Or sometimes it will pause but Adguard will stop when I go to resume. Then when I press the button to start...
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    Adguard won't enable/activate/turn on

    I have the same. My Adguard updated this morning to and now after a reboot I can not enable it. Edit: After a second reboot, Adguard was able to be enabled again
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    Running but Not blocking Ads after Wake

    When can we expect a new version with a fix? I'm getting tired of having to stop/start Adguard to get it working. You say we can track progress on GitHub but there doesn't appear to be any progress as there are no entries beyond the creation date.
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    BUG: Cannot Move Adguard Asst

    I'd argue that an advertised feature that doesn't work in the release load is in fact a bug. I anxiously await V2 reaching the stable level for this and other items.
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    BUG: Cannot Move Adguard Asst

    Safari Adguard 1.5.14 I'm not the only one having this problem:
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    BUG: Cannot Move Adguard Asst

    According to the Adguard Asst Overview page on this site, I should be able to drag and move the Asst to another position on the page. This does not work.