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    AdGuard for Windows - 7.5

    The best of the best Thank you
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    AdGuard for Android 3.2.150

    Thanks ! have been downloaded and install
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    AdGuard for Android 3.2.150

    impossible to download
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    [Solved] Adguard Premium 7.0.2444.6163 Nightly Multilingual

    Hi can someone explain what is this version ? why it doesn't appears here in this forum ?
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    Massive Internet Slowdown since today

    Updating to version 6.3 beta solved the problem Thank you
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    Massive Internet Slowdown since today

    I am having the same problem looks that it has been started after windows update windows 10 pro 64bit version 1803 for now i had to disable AdGuard protection need your help
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    I am using firefox and chrome On windows 10 pro I am tired of adding filters all the time And I'm not going to do a doctorate for every popup that's jump all over the internet I expect from good and expensive software to do it automatically
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    Deear fad_adguard i had the same problem with that site AdGuard is NOT able to block ads from it i had to uninstall AdGuard (i have bought 6 license) and install for each browser Ublock Origin That solved the problen
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    Need your help to block adds from this site
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    having problems to register

    Trying to activate premium license for my LG G3 no success i have try to uninstall and reinstall, same problem remains
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    Looks OK now Thank you !
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    Please pay attention to the left side These images could not be seen when i used AD MUNCHER
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    [Resolved] windows 10 pro All browsers AdGuard
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    Can not sign in to websites with Google Chrome 64 bit

    This is too much for me to handle need to enter FILTERS for each site i want to surf..... got it out of my PC and reinstall AM