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    svchost causing high cpu usage when adguard starts blocking adds

    Want to examine Processes and what app is using them or initiated them (handles & DLLs)???? Download free portable app called "Process Explorer". Get the x64 to if you use 64bit Windows. Run it as admin!
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    svchost causing high cpu usage when adguard starts blocking adds

    Not just viruses, but bad drivers and dodgy free software. Uninstall everything you are not using. Use T tools to disable startup items. WhatsInStartup I think it's by NirSoft. They and Microsoft have brilliant portable tools! Check them out to also examine DLL and other library files, plus any...
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    Request: EXIM for User Filters & White List

    Hi guys, #1. It made AdGuard extremely convenient to share the user filter, when you finally added export / import (EXIM) as per my request. However someone did not read the full request. It requested both White List and User Filter. Please add EXPORT and IMPORT (EXIM) to White List. #2...
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    Why no mention of 3.3 ANYWHERE???

    Please, as previously requested, create a topic for NIGHTLY releases in a sensible location, so it can actually be found guys! This is ridiculous that even Google, etc cannot find any Nightly release notes. I cannot see 3.3.18 anywhere.... This is the Android category! Please...
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    [AdGuard for Android] v3.0.291 Release

    Tried upgrading to earlier version ofof v3 from v2 at stable (.250). Had to roll back and a backup. import I just wrote "and import a backup" andand this text editor moved the cursor "and a backup import"? Is it safesafe enough to upgrade? Or should I startstart all appapp rules from scratch...
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    Impossible to find Category Change Log & Version History!

    There needs to be a topic under each device category that details the latest Nightly, latest Beta andand latest Stable, detailing all changeschanges and where youyou can downloaddownload the current or old version! It is impossible to find any details. I see topicstopics for versions that are...
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    AdGuard for Android v2.12.233

    Great. I had told AG not to disable on network state change. Can turn it back on! :)
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    Does Adguard block instagram app post notification sound?

    No. The audio file is located within the Instagram app. Under Android notification settings for Instagram, you can however disable the pop-up notification or the sound notification VERY easily.
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    AdGuard after last update dose not work

    Please upload photos to or similar web site. What is not running? What is not working? What is the problem? Mail in Outlook? Mail online? Use your web mail interface and try and send an email to Adguard again. Does it work? 1. Disable Bitdefender Web Filtering + Web Protection. 2...
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    AdGuard for Windows 7.1.2817 Release

    How many people use Windows 7? You are welcome to log on remotely, and check it out. But it seems fine now. It is not a complicated setup, but perhaps you know something I don't :D The fact it only began occuring recently. Despite changing DNS > Family Filter, it did not even filter porn...
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    AdGuard for Android v2.12.247

    What happens if the Nightly version is released at midday or in the morning?? Is it called a ... "daily"? Perhaps a better word would be "incremental"? lol
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    AdGuard for Android v2.12.247

    Can't wait! Nightly is probably pre-alpha? So not stable and functionality not guaranteed.
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    AdGuard for Android v2.12.247

    Version 3.xx Change Log? Or is there a beta thread?
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    AdGuard for Windows 7.1.2817 Release

    @TheHasagi Thanks! But after switching DNS it went away Local DNS set to Still happened Uninstall PC app Still happened. Changed WAN DNS to Still happened Rebooted router, Still happened. Local DNS set to router Still happened Etc.. Found ,130 under router LAN DHCP DNS...
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    AdGuard for Windows 7.1.2817 Release

    After uninstalling and reinstalling again, it made no difference! However what I did notice was that the NON-family DNS was configured for LAN, not WAN. Why would the .130 DNS even show Family Protection? I removed the .130 and used the second NON-Family DNS and it worked immediately! Why was...