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    This filter no longer works. Ads show now[href^=""] > img
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    [Resolved] [Fake player]
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    [Resolved] [Fake buttons]
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    [Resolved] [Ad placeholder]
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    Thank you
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    @Blaz Can you fix the issue? The filter added to the list is not working. There is an overlay, and the filters that I have put in my previous message, hide the overlay.
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    It's not fixed, the filter is not being applied, and the transparent iframe is not hidden when the stream is played[id="anuncio"]
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    Ads placeholders blocking play button Suggested filter[id="anuncio"] Test link:
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    [Resolved] (Fake Button)
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    [Resolved] [Breakage]

    This filter -publicidad- is blocking the counter and disqus comments -Test link -Screenshots The filter is not bad, but there...
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    The website has fake download buttons