My config:
. AdGuard 7.5.x (Stealth Mode) W10 x64 IE 11 & Firefox
. Android Pie AdGuard for Android v3.4.x + Google DNS + HTTPS enabled + Firefox with certificate added
My filters:
AdGuard filters:
User filter, Russian Filter, Base, Tracking, Social, Annoyances, French, Online Malicious URL Blocklist, NoCoin Filter List
My extensions:
Adguard Assistant, AdGuard Extra, Adguard Popup Blocker, DarkTheme for Google (Firefox & Chrome), Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy, AdsBypasser, anti social locker, Google Image Search - Show image dimensions, Google Image Direct Link 2, Link Sanitizer, Pinterest without registration, Pinterest - Open Original Image, Pinterest with no registration modal popup, Pinterest Plus



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