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    this is still happening anyone else willing to test it?
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    missed bad button
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    I've reinstalled AdGuard: same thing
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    cookies annoyance + adblock detection Adblock Detected! *Please disable your adblocker or whitelist *Private/Incognito mode not allowed.
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    Adblock Detected We have detected that you are using an adblock browser please plugin to disable advertising from loading on our website. The revenue earned from advertising enables us to view this page, we request that you disable adblock in plugin settings. Please.
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    the whole domain by Adguard security (already happened, was fixed 2 times but it's happening again)
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    still not solved :rolleyes:
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    [Resolved] curently blocked, is it justified ? this is a file hosting service
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    adblock detection
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    [-] hidden invisible container on top of main page (cookie annoyance ?)
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    nasty redirection
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    also happening for: "" this is because of "Do-not-track (DNT)" furtive mode tested with Firefox browser for Android