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    Browsing Security & DNS filtering system-wide?

    Thank you for the prompt reply, understood.
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    Browsing Security & DNS filtering system-wide?

    Hello. I have a question regarding the Browsing Security & DNS filtering modules. Do they apply system-wide or only for the apps that are listed as filtered applications? Thanks in advance.
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    Adguard on Samsung S21 slows down wifi

    The usual culprit should be the DNS filtering. Either try different DNS providers to compare speeds, or you can use the system default DNS server. Using the default DNS server usually solves all connectivity issues.
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    DNS feature have conflic with many VPN apps

    I have the same issue. We use a corporate VPN for remote work in my Company and if I leave the DNS protection on, the VPN cannot establish connection. So far the only solution is to temporarily turn off the DNS protection manually and connect to the VPN to do my work. Some kind of ruleset for...