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    User Filters don't show up in Filter Log?

    yeah... not sure why it wouldn't show them... I'm using the latest nightly release but I doubt it's a new issue.
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    User Filters don't show up in Filter Log?

    Just blocking some divs in gmail. I got them working but without the help of the logs. Even when these are blocked they aren't logged.
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    User Filters don't show up in Filter Log?

    Hi. I'm trying to debug a User Filter and just realized I'm not seeing them logged (even the ones that work) in the Filter Log. Just me? bug? Expected behavior? Thanks, Jeremy
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    Latest version on w10 stops browsing for me

    Same here. The August beta completely breaks browsing on Windows 10. Rolled back to the July beta and everything works fine.
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    Ability to report broken sites from Assistant?

    It would be great to be able to click the Assistant button and select something like "Report Broken Site" and then a dialog box pops up for me to type in what's broken, click a 'Report to AdGuard' button, and you guys are made aware of the issue. Or, am I missing an easy way to do this already?
  6. GollyJer extensions not working in AdGuard ?

    It works in Stylish so I'll live with only having it applied in one browser for now. I'm noticing some things not being applied for other styles as well. For example DarkSearch for Google's link color isn't applied. I had to move it back to Stylish. I hoped to rid myself of Greasemonkey...
  7. GollyJer extensions not working in AdGuard ?

    Just found one that actually doesn't work in AdGuard. Dev's Dark StackOverflow
  8. GollyJer extensions not working in AdGuard ?

    Hi Boo Berry. Just wanted to drop in and say thanks! I was having trouble figuring out how to install from the new website. Finding the Install style as userscript link was the key.
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    [AdGuard for Windows] v6.1.296 R4 release candidate

    Just want to give you guys a heads up. As of Windows 10's newest build (14942) Adguard completely breaks internet connectivity. I tested with this newest beta in case it fixed things, but it didn't. I had to disable Adguard completely to use any browser.
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    AdGuard breaks Firefox's native "Share this Page" feature

    So far so good. I'll keep you posted. Thanks!
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    AdGuard breaks Firefox's native "Share this Page" feature

    I have to say... it is very inconsistent. Once the problem happens, it never works again unless I disable Adguard, refresh the page, then reclick the Share button. If I close Adguard and my browser, then open the browser, the problem NEVER happens. This is the only way I can know it's...
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    AdGuard breaks Firefox's native "Share this Page" feature

    Share this Page in Firefox, as described here: doesn't work with Adguard enabled. I've tried disabling the Social filters but it didn't help the issue. The easiest Share connector to try that will cause the problem...
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    Problem installing style from

    Perfect! Thanks! The full .js path wasn't required for other userstyles. I've just been putting in the url and Adguard picks them up. Maybe it's the apostrophe in the name? Anyway, this works for now. Thanks vvgNovanet.
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    Problem installing style from

    I added a style to with the specific intent to use it as a path to get the code into Adguard through the extensions import. I've installed other UserStyles this way, but when I try to install my own I get this message... Did I do something wrong in the script code? GollyJer's...
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    Is an Ad Blocker > Filter or an Extension better when both are available?

    OK, I get it now. The extension is like an addon to Adguard that requires it's own filter list. Subscribing to the filter list in Adguard Ad Blocker section is the way to keep the filter list up to date. So my original 2 part question is moot. The answer is... if you want to use Anti-Adblock...