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    Bulk change settings not working for data where screen is off

    Thanks, but I don't think that's really good enough. The firewall does seem to work well in blocking apps by and large. If there was a reason why Android OS, which presumably is on every Android phone, can't or won't be blocked please tell me. In terms of the bulk change options, specifically...
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    Bulk change settings not working for data where screen is off

    Hi, the very useful feature allowing me to block internet activity when the screen is off has stopped working. I repeatedly change the status to "disabled" for both wifi and cellular data and seems to maybe work for a while then stops again, as revealed in the filtering log. I have also blocked...
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    Android phones harvesting cell-tower location data

    Hi, in relation to the recent revelations that Android has been harvesting location data from phones even with location switched off, I was wondering if Adguard firewall could help in blocking the app/s Android is using to collect and/or transmit this information? Do you know whether other apps...
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    Recommended VPN

    Are you able to recommend a VPN service that works well with Adguard for Android? What are your views on using Adguard with a VPN? Thanks
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    Apps where AdGuard for Android can't filter and/or remove the ads from!

    This is concerning as it implies that progressively more apps will implement ways to defeat ad blocking. Is more detailed information available about this problem and are efforts underway find a solution?
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    Facebook ads

    With the latest updates ads appear to be being blocked on my YouTube app, although it's an older version. It's fantastic relief to have them gone again, many thanks!
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    High battery consumption

    I have a Sony Xperia Z3. The battery drain appeared to start when I "upgraded" from Kit Kat (4.4.4), to 5.1.1. With Kat Kat I was getting much longer battery life. If I was cynical I would wonder if Google had done something to discourage use of VPNs for ad filtering with Lollipop, since that...
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    "Android OS" - want to be able to use firewall to disable its internet access

    v2.5.70 According to Adguard, the Android Operating System has swallowed 7.5 gigs of data over the last month! I don't have backup enabled or anything else I can think of which would cause such a big drain. I don't really know why this is happening, but I have to stop it. The option in the...