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    Adguard on Instagram

    You can just use Friendly +. Friendly+ included FB, Instagram and Twitter. I already long ago get rid of fb app as well due to so many sponsored. Now I using Friendly+ as my alternative FB.
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    Safari AdGuard for Chinese is not working

    Thanks. I already resolved the issue already. It due to this rule create at ||^ subscription custom rule. Once I removed it. It seem all working again. Filter now can also update and Chinese Website can also blocked already. Thanks
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    Safari AdGuard for Chinese is not working

    As previously there is no issue with the update. Recently keep having issue. Previousy this chinese website can blocked all the ads. Now it no longer can blocked. I already try and enabled and disabled China Filter and uninstall and reinstall AdGuard. All seem not working for me
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    Safari AdGuard for Chinese is not working

    I have enabled the Chinese Simplified for Safari. Previously is working. Now it is no longer working. Besides, The Safari update keep having filter error.
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    Is the Current AdGuard IOS 2.1 is support IOS 12?

    If I upgrade to IOS 12, the current AdGuard IOS 2.1 .1(165) is still able to use in IOS 12?
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    Bring back the Day Mode (White) and Add the Option called Night Mode and Auto Night Mode

    Hi, Currently the AdGuard 2.0 is all night mode. It is difficult to see. Can you make it by default is Day Mode (White) and add the option called Night Mode. Those who love the night mode can turn on that option. If you on the Night Mode, there is another option called Auto Night Mode. Meaning...
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    Adguard caused the I cannot login Dollardbird

    How to send PM? I didn't saw any PM feature. It is Start the Conversation?
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    Adguard caused the I cannot login Dollardbird

    When I go Malaysia, all the apps like bloomberg, CNBC and other news app will show ads every where. Even though I enabled AdGuard Pro. No ads can be blocked. When I back Singapore, all the ads can be blocked again. Which is Odd...
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    Adguard caused the I cannot login Dollardbird

    When I add the content of the filter and paste in it AdGuard > DNS settings > Blacklist When I open the DollarBird.. It keep faced the issue below. IOS: 11.2.5 Adguard : 1.3.3
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    Install AdGuard VPN Profile as Second VPN Profile which is Personal VPN

    It is possible to create a second profile like Personal VPN profile when we install the profile we get to choose which profile to install? For example, If there is possible to install AdGuard on Personal VPN Profile which is 2nd profile. Then maybe it can compatible with VPN that only have one...
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    Missed Ad 9to5mac

    OS: IOS 11.2.1 Adguard 1.3.3
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    Anti-paywall Filter

    I see. So cannot implement in Mobile? How about integrated the AI feature for it to auto recognize the ads or trackers and auto block it.
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    Anti-paywall Filter
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    iTunes losing app install functionality

    You can use the iTunes 12.6.3 version ->
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    VPN logo disappear in IOS 11.1

    I already solved this issue. The reason I cannot see my VPN logo when I turn on the VPN during the mobile network is due to I disable a application called "SpringBoard" at the Mobile Data Option. Thanks