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    IpadOS license transferable to MacOS?

    Unfortunately I bought it in the App Store, and I do get your point so no complaints there, you shouldn’t be held responsible for their 30% tax :( If I buy a separate license can I sync my settings to the iOS devices? The ones I have doesnt seem to have any option to enter a license on the...
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    IpadOS license transferable to MacOS?

    Hi, I really enjoy using AdGuard on iOS and IpadOS. Now I installed it on my Mac, I got the impression that the license can be used on three devices regardless of OS, but I can't figure out how to activate it on MacOS, any hints?
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    AdGuard Pro Sync- iOS / Mac

    At least for iOS as of version 4.0.1 there are Export and Import buttons, so now you can save it on iCloud for example in order to use on other devices conveniently.