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    [Resolved] DNS Issue

    great, many thanks!
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    [Resolved] DNS Issue

    sorry for digging this one out! lately i discovered that facetime on our family devices (all of which have adguard for ios latest version with DNS enabled) will not work anymore. facetime is opening, dialing and ringing correctly, but it will not let you connect after pick up the phone. i...
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    great, many thx!!
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    yeah, disabling AdGuard DNS helps in here (how come?)! but disabling means losing system wide ad blocking as well:-(
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    sorry! filled the form from here: adguard for iOS (3.1), Safari on iPhone XS filters: AdGuard Base, AdGuard Tracking Protection, AdGuard Social Media, AdGuard German, AdGuard Mobile Ads, AdGuard Safari, AdGuard Annoyances, EasyList...
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    sorry for diging this one out - Random ads again at the top and right side
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    [*] New anti-adblock

    safari in iphone here (adguard for ios 3.1): turned off safari built-in content blocker to solve
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    Adguard 3.0 Premium System Wide Blocking

    sorry boo berry for questioning, you will certainly know better than me, but adugard 3.0 premium on ios does have dns blocking, isn't that what is ment by "system wide ad blocking"?
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    [Resolved]lifetime license key available?

    hi folks, (how) will it be possible to buy lifetime keys, as suggested in the recent blog post about 3.0 for ios (below)? as for now i only see offers for android, and in the FAQ it says no as well :-/ keep up the great work!