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    [*] paywall

    I am sure you have to say that .. can someone send me the rules via pm? Thanks
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    [*] paywall

    i have read recently issues around paywalls in the EU, but this site i believe is US based so any way around this one?
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    Windows 10 build 17010 issues

    Something has changed with windows build 17010 that is causing a conflict with Adguard. It hangs Edge and the task bar . Only way to recover is to uninstall adguard completely. BTW is is NOT the extension but the application that is causing the issue.
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    Browser icon not showing blocked ads

    So for those of us that use edge just going to stick with the desktop and assist as is today.
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    Browser icon not showing blocked ads

    I cant get integration mode to function, have had the desktop app for years.. I let it upgrade this morning and installed the browser extension (Edge on Win 10). All icons are green (extension, assistant and desktop app), no integration at all. Should I try a fresh install?
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    App specific custom filters?

    That's great news, it just feels like people might want to build rules that effect one specific app only. Appreciate you adding to the queue!
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    AdGuard for Windows 10 Mobile

    Given the universal app capabilities in Windows 10, will you make a version that runs on windows 10 mobile?
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    App specific custom filters?

    Maybe I missed this but does Adguard on Android support App specific custom firewall filters?
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    Custom Filter Documentation?

    Is there a custom filter doc or wiki with commands and formats? I want to block very specific urls