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    Adguard for Home - how to uninstall??

    Sorry terminate which process in terminal?
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    Adguard for Home - how to uninstall??

    hi - I tried using AdGuard for home It didn't work to my satisfaction and I want to uninstall it - but can't find anyway do it. I deleted the folder Adguard for my Mac OS but after few hours - the folder reappears - see screenshot...
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    [*] Any filters for full length articles?

    Are you able to share for paywall via private message please?
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    Adguard screws up Citibank Rewards site

    I was using my points to purchase something on Adguard screws up the menu and links and nothing was happening when I was clicking on their menu links Upon disabling adguard, the links worked Please fix thanks
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    [Resolved] Times of India

    Works perfectly fine, thanks@
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    [*] Any filters for full length articles?

    thanks - interesting discussion but no solutions Could you share some custom filters to bypass WSJ paywall and upgrade articles please?
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    [Resolved] Times of India

    The main site of times of India TOI does not load while adguard is ON. Need to disable / whitelist the site to make this load. This is the main newspaper of India
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    [*] Any filters for full length articles?

    No screenshot or URL Want to bypass paywall on some sites
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    [*] Any filters for full length articles?

    I am wondering if people can share some custom filters to remove paywall for WSJ or other sites? thanks
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    [AdGuard for Mac] v1.5.0 (400) RC

    If we don't have any of the browser extensions installed, how do we whitelist a site easily.. can we have that option in the desktop app pls? thanks
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    AdGuard Mac Question

    I have the ad guard app for Mac OS. Some Questions 1. Do I still need to install browser extensions of Safari and Chrome if I have the MacOS desktop version of Adguard running? 2. If not, how do I easily whitelist a website that is causing problems with Adblock 3. How do I hide the Adguard...
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    Does VPN icon show when using AdGuard Pro DNS

    I don't like the VPN icon showing when using fake VPN profiles Can someone confirm if using Adguard PRO DNS service, does the VPN icon show up on the status icon all the time? Also does it show up on the "VPN Configurations" section on the top half of VPN settings screen or on the "Personal...
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    AdGuard Pro and DNS Question

    I am using an app called DNSOverride DNS Override - set DNS for Wi-Fi and cellular on the App Store (paid feature) that allows one to set a custom DNS for both Wifi and Cellular networks I have then put in Adguard DNS server on this app so I am using Adguard protection service for both Wifi...