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    Do AdGuard Users Want Additional Privacy Protection Tools

    I can't agree more, adguard should focus on privacy since ad-blocking is something that any browser addon can do and sometimes even better.
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    AdGuard roadmap - Block windows telemtry

    Regarding your intentions of blocking windows telemetry with adguard You should take a look to this project
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    AdGuard and StealthMode (canvas defender)

    Why don't you merge this two extensions? is there a reason to keep them separated? StealthMode could simply be and additional tab of adguard extension. On the other hand do you plan to add a feature like this: Recomended read...
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    [AdGuard DNS] Beta

    Besides ads what else do you plan to offer with the DNS service, paid or free? Where will you place the european servers?
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    Unified hosts file with base extensions

    Extending and consolidating hosts files from a variety of sources like,,,,, and potentially others. You can optionally invoke extensions to block additional sites by category...
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    [AdGuard for Windows] Beta version

    Ok, understood, still not clear to me if Easyprivacy would be a complement to the Stealth mode, or if the Stealth mode is enable Easyprivacy is useless. In case it is a complement, I guess your english filter doesn't include privacy filters and then the question is why don't you have a privacy...
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    [AdGuard for Windows] Beta version

    It shouldn't be irrelevant? I thought that adguard worked as ublock which only uses only the non duplicated items, so if the items in your filter and in Easylist are 98% the same it will only use the 2% of entries of Easylist, not adding a huge processing effort, if the lists added are mostly...
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    [AdGuard for Android] Beta version 2.0.106

    I will send the feedback from the app so the logs are attached
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    [AdGuard for Android] Beta version 2.0.106

    I have notice this bug over the last beta versions. Every time I lose network connectivity and switch to wifi, or I go to plane mode and come back... adguard blocks all my traffic, I can't browse, and of the apps is like there were no internet access. When I disable adguard everything works.
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    [AdGuard for Windows] Beta version

    I was looking at the beta yesterday and I miss some of these list (I know you can add them manually but it would be nice to have them by default) Malvertising filter list by Disconnect‎ : 0 used out of ? T Malware Domain List‎ ( 1,487 used out of 1,487httppurge cache...
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    AdGuard 5.10.2016.6286 and ad blocker browser addons

    I will try later in my home computer, but how browsers addons are going to interfere if adguard (for windows) is suppose to block the ads before the information reaches the computer, so in this way saves traffic? The filtering happens at a different stage I don't understand how it can be...
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    AdGuard 5.10.2016.6286 and ad blocker browser addons

    I have chrome with ublock and ghostery. If I open IE or chrome with incognito mode adguard is working because the ads are blocked, I can't see them, but in the normal chrome session with ublock and ghostery I can still see how they are blocking or at least reporting the blocked ads like if...
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    OK Where is the V6 Beta LOL?

    Any update on this?
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    AdGuard 5.10 second beta version release

    I have notice that the I/O consumption is higher or similar to any AV, it would be possible to avoid this by using more RAM therefore having less access to the disk? I guess the impact would be insignificant but I high I/O could be bad for an SSD. I have notice as well that ublock and ghostery...
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    Feedback about AdGuard

    It's absurd it has more I/O and cpu consumption than any other app in my PC, more than the AV, chrome, steam...