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    Accidentally Deleted One or Two Apps From the Filtered Apps List

    Well, it starts off with any web browser you have installed like "Brave, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Modern UI hosted apps, Mozilla Firefox, Steam. After that, I think you have to add them manually. Interestingly enough I cannot remove any of the automatically added ones...
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    It doesn't work on this site at all.

    I went and looked at the site but as it's in another language I didn't notice what is wrong. Also, they could have fixed it, between the time you posted and now. I have a lot of filters enabled and that may be why I didn't spot anything wrong. In the filtering log, it looks like the filters that...
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    Radio channel ADS blocking

    Hi, if you have not found a solution yet, I would repost in the tech support area, add as much info as possible, such as what app you are using. I think what you posted here was the ad, and what you are looking for is an outgoing request just before the ad, that is likely what you need to block...
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    Subtitles are being blocked

    when I clicked on that link it jumped me to a different site. when you say subtitles, I take it you mean you click on the cc button and select a language. I just tryed that and it worked.
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    Block iframe loading

    So is a place to create web sites, see Difference between site and This is just a guess but that Sandbox command lets that Iframe do whatever is necessary to show the ad. The commands above lets the Iframe be whatever size is necessary to show the ad. I think that...
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    Block iframe loading

    Hi, I am not an expert, but it may help to provide the URL of the web site. That way the experts that are on here can look it over.
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    Can Adguard implement with Certificate Trust settings so that it can block ads like YouTube, Spotify and Reddit apps

    It's been a while but I think that's why I said "Android version" just to let you know which version I was talking about. On the google play store, they call it Luna -- Best VPN for Android, not a word about ad blocking except in the comments where people talk about how the adblocking is not...
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    Can Adguard implement with Certificate Trust settings so that it can block ads like YouTube, Spotify and Reddit apps

    In the Android version of Luna I did not find the settings, "Settings>General>Certificate trust settings"
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    Two questions re: AdGuard DNS

    First let me say that I have not been able to have both Android apps (AdGuard and IPVanish) work together. But in the AdGuard app there are settings for using a sock5 proxy and that does work! IPVanish has only one sock5 server that I am aware of and that is and that is in...
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    Pie Private DNS & AdGuard Secure DNS

    Hi, I think in number three, they are talking about the AdGuard app, the DNS section, custom DNS server selection. On your android Pie setting, when you go to private DNS, you will likely have to slots available for IP numbers, Myself I would use AdGuard DNS server in the first one, and...
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    Hi, l have not paid for AdGuard yet, so I can't enable ad blocking or HTTPS in the app management section. But I can enable DNS blocking in the dns section, after turning DNS on. Also tap on the custom dns server section, I like using the secure section, but anyway you should select the AdGuard...
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    Should Adguard Assistant icon show on all web pages?

    Adguard Assistant icon, ah thats my problem thinks. I'll turn it off.
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    Can The Adguard DNS Family Protection Thingo Be Tweaked A Bit?

    So, I am a newbie myself, but think you can add web sites to the user options. But that will not stop them showing up in Google searches. But you may try the negative sign in your searches. Example -pinterest to block pinterest, you can also use a +before a word to make it be in your results...
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    Proxy with Tor via Orbit

    Have you tried the app management settings? You should be able use or bypass AdGuard in there. Just tap the app you want to skip, then unable it.
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    AdGuard+VPN network together for Android

    Hi, I just sent feedback to both Adguard and IPVanish through their apps, so hopefully they will get together and solve the incompatible. In the meantime Adguard should be able to use proxy mode with any VPN that has a proxy server. I just haven't gotten it to work with IPVanish proxy server...