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    It does not help that you publish here, you must use the reporting tool.
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    url: issue: not reproduce video with filter without filter
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    url: img: issue: adblock
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    issue popup Adguard Blocker(NSFW)

    Adguard Popup Blocker 2.1.10 it does not let me write in the box of Search and newsletter !! url: img:
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    not work! @Adam @Alex302
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    Thank you!!
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    with filter without filter issue with Annoyances filter !!
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    [Resolved] - adblock

    website: img: you need to be logged in.
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    website: img:
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    Website: Img:
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    Con't open this site. delete filter
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    not working web
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    [Resolved] - Ads [Windows]

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    and autoplay please!
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    [Resolved] - Autoplay [Windows]

    yes work , add for