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    Possible filter/settings sync?

    I so need this feature. I have tons of devices and I'd like to have sync to seamlessly have my custom filters applied everywhere.
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    Disable a filter per site

    It's 2020 now. Can we please have this feature? I have Youtube premium andI don't see any ads. Videos take forever to load and the moment I turn Adguard off, the videos load immediately. I really need a way to prevent AdGuard to completely skip every single scan on the domain...
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    A problem with YouTube

    tldr; Problem seems resolved. I uninstalled Chrome and AdGuard, deleting all settings and starting fresh again. Youtube now loads with AdGuard activated.
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    A problem with YouTube

    I can reproduce this problem with Chrome only. It seems to be a Chrome and Adguard issue. chrome.exe is listed as an app that is filtered. Can you please investigate?
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    A problem with YouTube

    This problem is still there with the latest AdGuard. I even disabled all filtering and Youtube is heavily delayed. I have Youtube Premium without ads and I even clicked on the Adguard overlay icon and chose to not filter at all. Youtube is super slow when Adguard is active. The...
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    Google Ads pops up in searches even with AdGuard running

    The "Do not block useful ads" is unchecked, so based on that, I was not supposed to see the above ads. Are we looking at an AdGuard bug here?
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    Google Ads pops up in searches even with AdGuard running

    AdGuard wndows version: 7.0.2693.6661 RELEASE (currently the latest) Windows 10 version 1809, build 17763.503 (also, currently the latest) Chrome Version 75.0.3770.80 (Official Build) (64-bit) (latest)
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    Google Ads pops up in searches even with AdGuard running

    Hello, How can completely wipe-out Google ads in Google searches? I have both the AdGuard Chrome plugin as well as AdGuard for Windows running and this ad is strong enough to show up :( See the attached screenshots. AdGuard settings: Thanks and regards,
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    AdGuard does not filter ads in QuickLyric app

    I am using the latest 3.1 version on Android 9. I keep seeing ads in the QuickLyric app. Any solutions?
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    Apps where AdGuard for Android can't filter and/or remove the ads from!

    So yup, Google and Facebook succeeded. With Android 7.0 unrooted, Youtube and Facebook are bloated with ads. Soon, all other apps will employ techniques used in the Youtube app and Adblockers will be out of a job. -It is super ill-advised to root a Samsung phone as this blows up an eFuse and...