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    Adguard VPN app not possible to install on Mac OS Catalina

    Hi! Do you get any error messages? At which step do you encounter the issue? Any screenshots illustrating it would be much appreciated.
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    AdGuard v2.6 for Mac (RC)

    Hi @twynne , Please also try the following: Disable AdGuard app. Open the terminal type the following command and press Return: Enable AdGuard.
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    Cylance blocks adguard-pac

    Hi, looks like Cylance consider AdGuard app to be suspicious. As a first step please try excluding AdGuard from the antivirus filtering.
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    Hi @Trumpsaduck, please provide us with some more info on the case. Was there an update to iOS 15? If there was, did AdGuard work properly before the update? Then, we'd like to ask you for debug logs: In AdGuard head to Settings → General Enable Advanced mode and go to Advanced settings Enable...
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    Got it, thanks. We'll need some time to check the logs, will get back to you soon.
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    Could you send it via direct messages here (try opening my profile and post a message there)? If that fails please send it via email to with "to Naylya" subject, in this case please also let me know here once it's sent.
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    Hi! To troubleshoot this issue we'd like to ask you for some more info. Could you please collect debug logs for us? You can send them via direct messages, so that they don't appear on public. Please follow this instruction to collect them: In AdGuard head to Settings (Gear icon) → Advanced →...
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    AdGuard Browser Assitant is not working on Vivaldi Browser

    Hi! Unfortunately, Vivaldi browser looks to be incompatible with our extension. The only way to try to make them work together is enabling Legacy Assistant in AdGuard Preferences (though, here we cannot guarantee success as well, just worth trying).
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    Firefox 92 + Adguard renders Google not useable

    Hi! By default, Google is not blocked through AdGuard like this, it looks like there's a strict third-party filter or some custom rule that blocks Google totally. As a first step please AdGuard filtering log once you encounter the issue, there you will see blocking rules if there are some.
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    Whitelist apps on iOS

    Hi, There looks to be something strange on iOS 15, we're currently investigating the issue. If you have already updated your device to the latest version, please also feel free to follow the issue on GitHub: Or are you using iOS 14...
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    @ej@rn140k done, please check.
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    Hi! We can disable 2FA authentication for you only. Though, after that you'll have to set this up once again. Please confirm if that is right what you need.
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    Adguard share menu on iOS broken

    Hi! First of all, please reconnect to Wi-Fi, this trouble is a common thing for connection issues. If the issue still persists please enable debug logging ( in Settings -> General -> Advanced settings menu) and send logs to our side via direct message or to
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    AdGuard падает при включенном VPN CloudFlare

    @Gevor попробуйте запустить AdGuard в режиме автоматического прокси (в настройках сети нажмите кнопку "Выбрать режим" для сетевого расширения, далее в открывшемся окне выберите пункт с автоматическим прокси-сервером).
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    Нет поддержки VPN

    Добрый день. Мы хотели бы разобраться в проблеме. У Вас есть возможность воспроизвести проблему и прислать нам отладочные логи (в личку или на Тут описан процесс получения логов в блокировщике рекламы, тут - в VPN. Также сообщите, пожалуйста, точное время воспроизведения...