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    Child safety on iOS devices

    I am not trying to make fun, just imagining the situation. I dont have children so dont take it personal. Also i fully agree there should be a option to password protect Apps and Folders in IOS. Maybe Adguard can set up something in their App for the time being?
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    Child safety on iOS devices

    Haha your kids are so desperate for porn and know that is adguard stopping them from finding any? Anyway, i believe there is a setting in IOS to block any aps from being tinkered with. Otherwise a password for Adguard on IOS would be the solution!!
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    AdGuard Premium doesn't block some ads and annoyances

    There are some extensions for Safari on IOS now which are designed to automatically deny all cookie notice requests and disable cookies for you. I am using Superagent for Safari and i almost never have to click on any annoying Cookie notices. Try that to get rid of them
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    Does AdGuard for iOS support Extended CSS selectors?

    Would it make my phone or adguard slower when i activate a lot of lists simultaneously? Especially when these have partially the same rules in side of them? I have probably 7 list enabled, better safe then sorry i thought, or is that the wrong approach?
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    Blank Spaces

    I am not a programmer but i believe the answer is no : the background is a seperate ‘canvas’, just like the text, images and also ad’s. Ad’s are like windows to the advertiser. Adguard can recognise these ad windows and block them from loading on your device, but altering the whole background...
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    Apple Privete Relay and Adguard PRO with DNS

    Is it a smart and useful move to run Adguard Pro with the Adguard DNS pack vombined with the new Private Relay function found in the Icloud settings of IOS 15 and up? I am not sure what Apple Private Relay exactly is doing, but i imagine it to be working in a similar fashion as a DNS. Should i...
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    Battery usage?

    good question, anyone who can answer this accurately?
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    AdGuard Premium for iOS DNS protection draws a lot of battery

    I am having same problem Adguard DNS pulling about 15% of a full battery charge in background. This seems much and is up there in the top 3 with my most used apps (like safari in the foreground for 3hrs) When doing the above, how do i recognise blocked records that i should unblock? I am...
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    AdGuard YouTube Extension

    At this moment i dont get any ads even without switching on the adguard for youtube mode in the share menu on the youtube website. Sonetines the video is not loading though and in these cases activating the adguard for youtube eliminates all problems and videos run smooth without intervention.