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    [Fixed] Warning, crash with the last nightly

    Crash with the last nightly reported in GitHub. The crash occurs each time the browser is launched, otherwise no crash. I use the last MS Edge. Edit: It seems to be fixed with this test build. Edit2.Fixed with the newly nightly.
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    Adguard is Amazing

    Hello, it's nice to see a message from a satisfied user, good year.
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    Hello, if you are on chrome or edge, you can use this addon, i use this for many years.
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    Thank's at the AdGuard Team for your job on the nightly version

    Thank's at the AdGuard Team for your job on the nightly version during this year with all was happening. Thank's too for the responsiveness to our requests. Good year 2021 in advance.
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    Is this DNS leak?

    Hello, i have tested all DNS use in Adguard, and always the same result, i think, than you can't trust this site and other DNS leak test, they just want to sell vpn or make money with ads for vpn. The only one who have correct result for my parameters is this site. In addition, on DNS leak test...
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    How do I stop the nightlies?

    I'm on windows: (I put my version in German for you)
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    How do I stop the nightlies?

    Go in General menu. Sorry i can't read and write German language.
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    Block YouTube Ads.

    Yes, and SkyTube use the NewPipe system but with more option, but it seems than when one works the other not and vice versa.
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    Block YouTube Ads.

    And me, SkyTube Extra, NewPipe.
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    How do I stop the nightlies?

    Go to settings and in the right panel you find: UPDATE CHANNEL and in the box below, you can choose the type of the update you want.
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    No longer blocking YouTube ads?

    Hello, you can read this tread for more details.
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    Ads during videos

    Refresh. I translated and corrected. Effectively, sorry.
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    Ads during videos

    When I had the same problem, with youtube, there was nothing to do, then it left as it came, probably tests before the big launch. If this really bothers you, you can test other AD-blockers even if the general opinion is in this forum, is against. For more info, look this topic.
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    Ads during videos

    Apart from other apps, extensions AD-blocker and antivirus, I can't see it. But, Google work hard for bypass AD-blocker.
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    Ads during videos

    I have view all the videos from the start at the end.