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    Internet speed with AdGuard desktop app

    I don't have any antivirus/antimalware. I'm running Windows 11 and using Google Chrome.
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    Internet speed with AdGuard desktop app

    I'm facing the same issue. The speedtests are fine, but browsing websites is really slow. Chrome says it's trying to load local.adguard something, and it takes at least 15-20 seconds until webpages are loaded
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    AdGuard Pro and ExpressVPN

    Is there any plan to fix other VPNs that are currently incompatible, or is it technically impossible?
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    AdGuard Pro Sync- iOS / Mac

    Is there any update?
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    Mac Monterey 12.3.1

    Application version release (CL-1.8.276, DNS-1.6.72)
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    Mac Monterey 12.3.1

    I'm using 12.3.1 and it's working great
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    Can't surf the web when tethering with an iphone

    I have Adguard installed both on my iPhone and mac. When I'm using WiFi with Adguard on, everything works fine. When I'm connecting to my iPhone's hotspot through WiFi, it works fine as well. But whenever I connect a USB cable to my iPhone, I can't surf the web, unless I turn Adguard DNS...
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    Browser Assistant doesn't load properly in Safari

    I'm using Chrome and I'm experiencing the same behavior