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    Apps where AdGuard for Android can't filter and/or remove the ads from!

    Any idea how I could get rid of the full screen ads in KICKBASE app?
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    Filter Statistic

    I would like to see which of my Filters blocked how many times and what (Spam, Threat etc).
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    How stable ist the newest beta

    I would like to use the newest beta 3 but need a stable system. So, is the newest beta totally buggy or well usable?
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    3.0 final?

    Is there any link where I can see which Alpha or Beta is the newest with changelogs? Thanks a lot. Found it:
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    3.0 final?

    Yes, the question was honestly. No Date of course, but maybe someone could tell from experience if it a matter of weeks, months or years until beta or final state.
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    3.0 final?

    Ist there any information available about when the 3.0 final will be published? There are nightlies since 3 months as it seems. ..
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    Firewall: Cosmetical Change

    Thanks. Didn't know this. Will take a look there...
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    Firewall: Cosmetical Change

    No reply to multiple feature requests. Seems to me development of this app has ended!??
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    Firewall: Cosmetical Change

    Hi. Would it be possible to change the color of the Icon beneath the apps to blue if set to block when screen is off? At the moment I only see red or green... Also it would be great if you could somehow mark system Apps and offer Filters for system apps. Last but not least I would like to see...