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    Update settings!!

    Windows 10. I can not add a screenshot, because this message only appears in notifications. AdGuard version 6.4. In the application itself, everything is ok. Lack of any warnings or remarks to change something. I suspect that this may be some mistake. In any case, the application works without...
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    Update settings!!

    Hello, I have an Adguard license for 2 PCs with Windows and 2 phones with Android. For several days on one of the computers with windows every time I turn on the display shows that "the update of the settings has failed". On both computers, the settings are identical, everything is ok in the...
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    I can not enter the license for the application on android

    Hello, I ordered a license for 2 computers with Windows and 2 for an android app today. On computers, I activated licenses and after installing the application on the phone (Samsung Galaxy J3) in the application there is no option to enter a license. The application is called AdGuard Content...