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    Apple Cracking Down on VPN-Based Ad Blockers That Work in Third-Party Apps - What will AdGuard do ?

    @user3 I am a little new to this blacklist thing. Do I copy the txt link to blacklist or do I open the text file and copy the list inside completly?
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    AdGuard Pro - whitelisting via extension broken

    trying to whitelist a site via safari extension is not working. Says something about CanT load filters
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    Cant add to whitelist vía safari extensión This site asks to disable adblock to see stream
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    AdGuard for iOS beta test

    Cant whitelist sites in adguard pro
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    [AdGuard PRO for iOS] v1.0 beta

    waiting anxiously for testflight invite. Pm sent as requiered
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    AdGuard for iOS beta test

    pm sent