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    Adguard VPN

    I would like to know this as well. The browser extension is decent enough, if a little barebones compared to most other VPNs I've used. Speeds are decent, and I like that you can exclude websites from it, which is something that not every service offers or implements as smoothly. While I'm sure...
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    [Resolved]Is my lifetime AdGuard license transferable from my Windows PC to a new iMac?

    Yes, you just need to deactivate/reset the license on your Windows PC either through the app or on the Adguard website before attempting to activate it on your new iMac.
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    Impact of Google Manifest V3

    It won't impact Chromium-based browsers that have their own built-in ad blocking function (eg Brave and Opera). The developers of Vivaldi have gone on record saying that they will do whatever they can to maintain things the way they are now...
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    Impact of Google Manifest V3

    The plan to limit ad blocker functionality in Chrome is apparently still on track:
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    adguard no longer working on youtube.

    I understand that. The problem is that the assistant icon is reverting to the large size when I have specified that it be set to the small one.
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    adguard no longer working on youtube.

    @Boo Berry - as requested, here are screenshots from Youtube with the Chrome console open and Adguard both enabled and disabled. Let me know if you need anything else/more specific.
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    adguard no longer working on youtube.

    AV is the current version of ESET NOD32 with the https:// scanner disabled. I will post a screenshot but it won't be until much later this evening.
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    adguard no longer working on youtube.

    I'm having a slightly different issue. On Youtube, I disable AG because I'm a Red subscriber so no ads play. The problem is the assistant still shows up on the site, and it remains with the large icon. Changing it to the small icon only keeps it that way for my current session. If I close the...
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    Adguard for Chromebooks?

    With the Google Play store now available on most current Chromebooks, is it possible for Adguard to be updated to support them, including proper integration with the Chrome browser and its related extension? I'd like to use the app but not have to rely on a third-party browser to get the full...
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    EasyPrivacy filter causing issues with eBay

    If I have the EasyPrivacy filter enabled, clicking on a link either through email or on eBay's site that redirects through causes the black screen you see in the attached image. Maybe using this filter isn't really necessary, but this is a heads up for anyone who might be using it.
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    Ads not getting blocked on

    This issue is with the Chrome browser extension on both MacOS and ChromeOS. @Alex302 - I added that rule, but it didn't do anything (see attached screenshot).
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    Ads not getting blocked on With the Adguard extension enabled, none of the ads on this site are being blocked. Any suggestions on rules to add to try and get around this? Edit: I saw the sticky at the top of the page...
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    Adblocker detected on

    @Blaz Those rules appear to be working. Thanks for looking into this.
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    Adblocker detected on

    Looks like some sub-sections of have implemented an anti-adblock script. I'm getting the message shown on the attached screenshot with the Adguard extension enabled on my Chromebook and Chrome browser on a MacBook Pro. Disabling Adguard lets the page render correctly. Is there a rule I...
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    Getting "threat blocked" popup when using PayPal

    I was going to send a note directly to tech support, but now there's no need. All is well now.