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    Twitch ad blocking stopped working recently

    Just wanted to let the devs know that ab blocking in the twitch app has been working for months, but stopped working recently. Adguard is fully up-to-date but I'm still getting ads in the twith app now.
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    Twitch ADS

    Like Boo Berry said, with the amount of work Twitch is putting in to stopping ad blocking it will only be a matter of time before the only way you're getting ad free twitch is either by subscribing to the channel or subscribing to twitch prime. For the time being however I have found a Chrome...
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    Twitch ADS

    I just got ads on twitch, but like others have said Twitch has been working HARD at plugging ad blocking methods. Sometimes they will plug a new blocking method people find in less than 24 hours. They are very serious about trying to stop it.