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    About parental control

    @amer Please try the Adguard uninstall utility listed here under advanced:
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    BSOD when using WFP driver, lag when it's disabled

    @Llama2018 I use Malwarebytes Premium 4.2.2 and Adguard Windows latest Nightly version and always use the WFP driver and have never received a BSOD with the combination on Windows 10 latest release 2004 H2. I don't think the BSOD is because of Malwarebytes. What Antivirus do you use? I'm...
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    No windows nightly updates for about 2 weeks?

    Hi, I was getting nightly updates almost daily and after nightly 33, updates seem to have stopped for about 2 weeks, anyone know why?
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    Need help: Adguard is already installed

    @mminhttri, You could try a free trial of Revo uninstaller pro, download is here
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    Latest Nightly Versions Not installing AG Certificate?

    I don't get that pop-up! I just installed nightly 16 and certificate is OK tonight, no reboot.
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    Latest Nightly Versions Not installing AG Certificate?

    Hi All, The last couple Windows nightly updates have failed to install the Adguard certificate, Nightly 14 & 15 both failed. I can't even go to settings, click network and reinstall certificate. I need to reboot for the certificate to be valid for Adguard, is this a BUG? Edit forgot to...
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    Adguard 7.3 doesn't block anything

    @SpeedyPC In settings network
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    Malwarebytes web protection blocks the Adguard web assistant.

    Strange I'm not having this problem in Adguard WFP driver enabled Intercept TCP connections (Advanced settings) is "ON" Adguard 7.3 Nightly 25 Malwarebytes Premium - update package version 1.0.18146 - Version of "component package version" 1.0.804 ***There was a Beta update for...
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    Skype Ad's

    Skype version a standalone windows app not from windows store
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    Skype Ad's

    Hi with nightly latest Skype is in the filtered app's is receiving Ad's.
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    Adguard Windows 7.0 nightly does not work....

    @Rik Every time I reboot my computer, AdGuard fails to start, I have to uninstall and reinstall and it works fine until I reboot my computer the next time when AdGuard fails to start again.
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    Adguard Windows 7.0 nightly does not work....

    @Rik I have the same issue, support has my logs, hopefully the Dev's can figure it out from my logs!!!
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    YouTube doesnt work? Ads just came...

    Hi Everyone, I use chrome and had problems with Adguard windows on youtube but I found this Chrome extension to actually be working (for now anyway) I think they have a version for other...
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    AdGuard assistant disappears and AdGuard stops filtering

    @Boo Berry, Looking at GitHub, it appears the issue is closed??? It obviously seems to still be a problem, one I never had in version 6 AdGuard only started with V7 EDIT sorry see its still open...