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    Extension slows up Fx startup.

    Another thought I had. Isn't the extension connecting with your servers when it starts up? I think this is why LastPass starts up slow because it is logging me into their site. If my thinking is fact why if I use AG for Windows does the extension need to connect to your site? If I'm wrong on...
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    Extension slows up Fx startup.

    I found '' and it's set to true. I've seen this problem from way back. The version on Mozilla Add-Ons does the same thing. Visually I see that the AG icon takes a few seconds to appear. Until it does appear I can't even click on a...
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    Extension slows up Fx startup.

    When the AG Fx extension is enabled the startup time for Fx is noticeably slower then when it's disabled. It reminds me how ABP caused a similar delay. I haven't used ABP in ages so I don't know if they fixed this. Interestingly, uBlock Origin does not cause a delay. Perhaps it's because...
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    Scroll bar in Filter Editor looks a little janky.

    Scroll bar seems like it needs to move right. Yellow highlight was added by me. Actually both scroll bars. It's possible this is also happening in other places. ***** I have changed the width of the scroll bar in Windows in general via the Registry. This might be the cause. It has never...
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    [Resolved] videos at take awhile to begin to play

    Sent you the TV codes via PM ---------- Post added at 08:55 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:24 AM ---------- bump
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    [Resolved] videos at take awhile to begin to play

    I added it to my user filter but it didn't work.
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    [Resolved] videos at take awhile to begin to play

    Here is such a video.. It takes about 30 seconds for the video to begin to play. During this time the throbber is circling. Disabling the English filter 'fixes' the problem. Interesting...
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    FWIW... I'm on the latest AGW beta and I no longer get the Netio.sys BSOD. If you recall, I was pretty much able to get it at will by going to btw... The OP is on the Windows 10 insider build aka Redstone.
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    WFP Network Driver cause BSOD [system_service_exception netio.sys]

    Pardon me if I seem to be OCD about this BSOD, it really fascinates me. In my situation I think I got it down to the bare minimum so as to NOT get the BSOD. With the Self-Destructing Cookies add-on installed I excluded the file firefox.exe from WD. Prior, I was excluding the firefox.exe...
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    AG Causes IE\FF Load Lag

    I have the Fx extension installed, along with AGW RC1, and the extension slows up Fx launch. When I disable it Fx launches fine. Do you use the Fx extension?
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    WFP Network Driver cause BSOD [system_service_exception netio.sys]

    I know I said this many times but I'm going to repeat it again. I was able to reproduce the BSOD at will when I had the add-on self-destructing cookies installed. All I needed to do is update every 10 seconds and within 10 minutes I got the BSOD. Since the day I removed SDC (a week...
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    WFP Network Driver cause BSOD [system_service_exception netio.sys]

    Bad news. After Updating AGW to RC1 I got a netio.sys BSOD when I went to Prior to RC1 I haven't had a BSOD in days. Were the changes you made in the last test version for this problem included in RC1? I don't have a dump for you because I got rid of my page file. Guess I'll create...
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    [*] not working

    I discovered that it is a Fx preference that causes the screen to go all black. The preference is 'dom.webcomponents.enabled = true' which is shadow DOM whatever that is. The default is false but I probably had it set to true when I was having problems. My new profile set it...
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    AG Firefox Extension and AGW possible conflict

    Thanks for the clarification.