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    Pandora mobile

    Sorry if this has been addressed but is there a way to block ads in the mobile pandora app? If so what do I need to do to do so. Thanks
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    Voice and video ads on Pandora mobile

    I was wondering the same. Any info on this? EDIT: Sorry I noticed this was in the Android section. Wasn't sure if any info would work for IOS.
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    Youtube preroll ads

    Is Adguard supposed to block ads in youtube? If so the preroll ads are getting thru.
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    Apple Cracking Down on VPN-Based Ad Blockers That Work in Third-Party Apps - What will AdGuard do ?

    Having some issues with the list from github. I managed to download the txt. file but when I opened it says 404. I'm sure I'm missing something here.
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    Update to v1.3.0 worth it?

    I translated this and it sounds like the issue that I'm having. If I turn off Adguard, then switch from wifi to cellular, then turn Adguard on again then go into settings on my phone and turn on VPN, everything works. I have to do the same thing in reverse to go back to wifi.
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    Update to v1.3.0 worth it?

    Everything seems to be working with ads being blocked in apps the issue I'm having is when data is being handed off from wifi to cellular data. When going from wifi to cellular data the wifi icon stays greyed out and never switches. If I put it in airplane mode the airplane icon is there and so...
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    Update to v1.3.0 worth it?

    I just came here to ask this same question. Does it work on split and full tunnel also? Basically just use Adguard Default in DNS settings and ads are blocked system wide?
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    [IOS] Latest beta Apps will not load data

    Yes that is me over at GitHub. I sent the logs. Like I said, when in full tunnel mode, I can't connect to anything needing data.
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    [IOS] Latest beta Apps will not load data

    I sent a bug report thru the app and posting it here also. After I upgraded the app, apps will not load data in Full Tunnel mode while on Wifi. No data will load using safari either unless I'm on cell data. I tried a couple more system wide fake VPN ablock apps and they work fine with no...
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    Not blocking ads in apps while on wifi

    My issue seems to be the opposite but I posted the issue there.
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    Not blocking ads in apps while on wifi

    For some reason a couple of days ago without any settings being changed Adguard quit blocking ads while on wifi. I've reset network settings, rebooted the device twice, deleted and reinstalled Adguard but nothing helps. DNS settings are Adguard default and system wide ad blocking is on. Like I...
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    A few questions about pro

    Thank you for the replies. So I guess it's normal that when the phone is asleep it disconnects and goes to LTE? I was thinking it may be a glitch with my phone. And it blocks ads over cellular also? Thank you again
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    A few questions about pro

    Forgive me if these questions have been addressed but does the pro version block ads device wide other than just Safari? And does it block over cellular. And is it a one time charge of $1.99 or is there a subscription. And does it disconnect from the VPN while the phone is asleep? I tried one...
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    [Resolved] Problem with a site

    Hello. I'm having an issue with this site loading fully. I can turn AG off and it loads properly. It shows it's blocking two items, both Google. Any way around this without turning AG off? Thank you