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    How to block on iOS

    Under Safari protection > User rules click on 'Add a new rule' and paste the below: ||^ How to create your own filters can be found here.
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    Blocking porn and gambling sites

    Point your router or PC to AdGuard's "Family protection" DNS servers:
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    Any possible way to block all NSFW subreddits?

    There's in option in one's reddit settings to not show NSFW content.
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    DuckDuckGo & YouTube

    Disabling Stealth Mode for YouTube has done the trick: @@||^$stealth
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    DuckDuckGo & YouTube

    I think I may just disable Stealth Mode for YouTube.
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    DuckDuckGo & YouTube

    I was going to create a thread about this (the YouTube issue specifically) but this seems the same. My YouTube settings are also not being preserved (Dark Theme and Autoplay). I have Stealth Mode enabled, with the following settings enabled: Hide your search queries Strip URLs of tracking...
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    An antivirus to recommend?

    For those running Windows Defender, I would recommend running it in sandboxed mode, as detailed here.
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    Best Anti-Virus w/ AdGuard = ? Avast? Bitdefender? ESET? Kaspersky? or...

    Kaspersky's free option offers a hell of a lot; the Network Attack Blocker and System Watcher are of particular interest. Granted, you can't disable modules within the app, but for no cost, it's hard to beat. Also, it's difficult to argue with Kaspersky's reputation. I've used it alongside...
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    For Linux/Ubuntu?

    I really hope this happens; I switched to Kubuntu a few weeks ago and rather miss using AdGuard. The browser extension will suffice for now.
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    Multiple bugs with 2.1

    As I managed to sort the issue myself, I hadn't sent logs.
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    Multiple bugs with 2.1

    I too have been having this issue. Reinstalling the app seems to have sorted it.
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    [Resolved] Facebook slow with English filter

    I added the first of the two rules, works fine without introducing any slowdown.
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    [Resolved] Facebook slow with English filter[id^="substream_"] div[id^="hyperfeed_story_id_"]:has(div[id^=feed_subtitle] > span > a[href="#"] > div [class]:not(.timestampContent)) This rule is the culprit for sure. Disabling the rule then a shift + refresh of the page has an immediate effect, i.e. sluggishness...